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an M.S Scholar from IIT Madras.

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Who I am

I'm Sarthak Parui, pursuing M.S. by Research under the guidance of Dr. Anurag Mittal at IIT Madras. Currently, I am in 5th semester of M.S program with CGPA 9.33/10.

My area of research is Computer Vision and I work on Shape-based Image Matching and Large Scale Image Retrieval.

Before joining IIT Madras, I was associated with Tata Consultancy Services. for 1 year 9 months. My main area of hands-on experience has been analysis and coding in Web and Mobile domains.

For more details, please have a look at my CV.


What I do

I'm passionate about the art of programming. And like many ohers, I don't think it as just a means to an end, or a job, but something inside of you that needs to be expressed.

Apart from research, I do take part in competative programming and various startup meets.

I'm always free for a constructive discussion for ideating, designing and developing as the fastest, scalable and most accurate & reliable products are those that aren’t there.


My Work

Proejct Page

  • Large Scale Sketch-based Image Retrieval
    • Designed and developed an efficient system for touch-based devices which, given a sketch as query, retrieves the most relevant images from a dataset of million images in a scale, translation and rotation invariant way and it significantly outperforms current state-of-the-art techniques (Published in ECCV 2014). Brief Overview
  • WebGL and HTML5 based Game
  • Mobile app for Gaze Detection and Tracking
    • Application that detects an user's gaze and intelligently delivers targeted articles/products/ads. (Won Judges' Choice Award in Yahoo HackU! 2013 and Ebay/Paypal Hackathon 2014 held at IIT Madras)
  • Project on Public Key Method of Steganography
    • Designed a very fast and secure way of Steganography with the notion of public key.
    • Presented the solution in the seminar "Spectrum Utilization for Mobile Communication: Issues & Challenges to Engineers" organized by Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers in August, 2010
  • Project on Operating System
    • Developed both 16-bit real and 32-bit protected mode small scale CUI based Operating System LINK
  • Augmented Reality application for Kinect
    • Developed a Virtual Dressing application tackling various computer vision challenges, viz. scale,translation invariance
  • Maintenance Ticketing Application
    • Worked on designing server side architecture and workflow and developing RESTful web-services for a ticketing application (a product of Tata Consultancy Services)
  • Salient Object Detection in Natural Images
    • Detecting most prominent object under the presence of multiple objects, illumination and/or clutter
  • Website Designing


  • Similarity-invariant Sketch-based Image Retrieval in Large Databases. Sarthak Parui and Anurag Mittal. In 13th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), Zurich, Switzerland, September 2014.
  • Paper Poster
  • A Method for Public Key Method of Steganography. Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay Sarthak Parui. In International Journal of Computer Applications, September, 2010. Link


  • All India Rank 1 in Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) 2012
  • Participated in International Collegiate Programming Competition in 2009 at Asia Amritapuri Site , Ranked 18 in the qualifying round
  • Received Judges Choice Award for developing an eye-gazing application for mobile devices at Yahoo HackU! 2013 – an institute-wide hacking event conducted by Yahoo! India
  • Nominated as Top 5 in Microsoft Hackathon-IIT Madras 2014 for developing a Augmented Reality application using Kinect
  • 2nd in Reverse Engineering Contest of Shaastra 2013, Technical fest of IIT madras
  • 3rd in Debugging Contest of Shaastra 2014, Technical fest of IIT madras
  • Zonal Finalist of the Programming Contest in Infosys Aspiration 2020 in 2009
  • 2nd in the Coding Contest of AAROHAN 2009, Technical fest of NIT, Durgapur
  • 3rd in the Coding Contest of AAROHAN 2010, Technical fest of NIT, Durgapur
  • 3rd in the Networking Contest of AAROHAN 2010, Technical fest of NIT, Durgapur
  • 1st in the Debugging Competition of DAKSHH 2009, tech fest of Heritage Institute of Technology
  • 1st in the Programming Contest of Techtronics 2009, tech fest of Govt. College of Ceramic Technology
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for the Computational Engineering Course at IIT Madras in 2013

Co-curricular Activities

  • Chief coordinator of an inter-college coding competition organized at Institute of Engineering & Management in 2009
  • 1st in Intra-College Chess Tournament at Institute of Engineering & Management in 2007
  • 2nd in NIIT Edgeineers “Parallel Chess with Viswanathan Anand” Competition at Institute of Engineering & Management in 2007
  • Composed short story named 'DREAM' (Published on the paper "The Mirror")
  • My previous website (Last updated: 2013) LINK
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Say Hello.

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Telephone: (044) 22575352
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